3 Second Copywriter
Get attention to win at an unfair game

An Amazon broker who needed a clear message.


Reeftec was an Amazon broker with ONE objective...

...To communicate how the hell their business works.

Most businesses don't know what an Amazon broker is. Especially smaller businesses.

And no other Amazon broker explains their business model as clearly as we did with Reeftec.

Which gives Reeftec an exclusive advantage over the competition.

The Collagen Supplement

The health and fitness industry is HIGHLY competitive.

A landing page helps you stand out among the crowd and present your product at its best.

This page is very direct. It's an offer designed for consumers who know what a collagen supplement is.

So how do you stand out?

Simple. Just show how you're BETTER than the competition!

This sales copy makes for a highly effective main product page.

Landing Pages

From Generating Leads

to Driving Sales

The Protein Bar

Even smaller products need to sell themselves to their customers. 

This is a more indirect page.

It's meant to catch the attention of someone who's never heard of your brand...

And slowly push them into buying your product instead.

This sales copy is not a main product page.

But would make a fantastic landing page coming from an ad, social media post, email, or organic google traffic.

The Water Distiller

Sometimes you have to educate the customer before you can sell.  

This page sells to prospects who don't even know why they need a distiller.

And eventually answers the question, "Why should I buy YOUR distiller instead of the competition?"

If you sell something difficult to explain...

Or that everybody wants/needs, but doesn't know it yet...

Then take a look at this page.

Create The Perfect Landing Page For Your Product

Let the results

speak for themselves