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Get attention to win at an unfair game
Simplify Your Selling Process

Target specific buyers for increased sales.

- Attract new prospects who have never heard of your brand before.

- Grow your market share and become an industry name.

- Skyrocket brand recognition and trust.

- Build leads for future products (even if you don’t have a product yet).

- Resonate with your buyer’s needs (and get them to buy from you).

Every Company Has a Story to Tell

It all starts with a clear message.

What could your company accomplish with the right story?
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The "Difference Maker"

Is Right Under Your Nose
It was a warm, sunny day when…
TWO new startups launched their first product

Both companies had plenty of similarities. They both had well designed products that solved their demographic’s needs. Both products were in the same industry. And they both had the same budget.

A year later one business filed for bankruptcy.
The other made the owner a millionaire.
What made the difference?
It wasn't...

…their products.
…the company’s leadership.
…their customers.… or anything most businessmen, entrepreneurs, or companies talk about.

No matter how good a product or business idea is, if you can’t get eyeballs on your business, you can’t sell. And most companies don’t know how to sell even with the eyes they’ve got.

How to win over the competition…

The successful company quickly produced multiple landing pages for their product, with each page designed for a different type of customer based on their awareness of the product. And thanks to instant feedback, they easily tested for the best pages and left the rest behind.

The other company pushed their product onto storefronts without a landing page. They never tested their demographic’s interest in their product or targeted less aware customers. And they never built their email lists. They simply hoped ads and search results would be enough.

Guess which one made millions?

The Difference Was A Landing Page

Landing Pages are easy to use for creating leads and driving the final sale. The idea is simple, you drive traffic to the page and then it converts that traffic into leads or paying customers.

Instant Feedback

Your Offer

We work together to deliver the results you seek to achieve.

All while seeing real-time statistics so you always know what works best.

Testing = Faster Growth

Simply swap out your landing page with the new test version.

Look at which page converts more customers.

Pick the best performer and watch as sales soar.

It’s easy to see what works to get the best results.

This is how you go from lowly 3% conversion rate to a whopping 14%.

That’s over quadrupled the sales.

How much would 4x the sales help your business?

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You Don't Even Need A Product
Landing Pages Don't Just Sell

They Generate LEADS

Leads are emails and contact info you can use to keep in touch with potential customers.

You don’t need a product to get people ready to buy from you.

Because once you have an email, you have a contact point to send…

Content marketing…
Email sales funnels…
News and offers…
… and more.

In other words…

You can sell to your list at ANY time, or prepare them to buy products from you even if you have nothing to sell them yet.

If you want to launch a new product, but don’t have any customers already lined up…

You need LEADS.

Would you rather sell your new product to…

A cold audience who have never heard from you?

A warm audience who knows your brand and are ready to buy NOW?

Big and Small
Landing Pages Sell Them All

Whether you have one small product, or an expensive package, landing pages convert traffic to leads and sales. If you have a product… ANY product, a landing page is the most proven way to drive sales.

And the best part?

Most businesses and products DON’T HAVE ONE.


And become the winner in your story with a landing page.

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Create YOUR Perfect Landing Page

A landing page makes all the difference…
… and so does a landing page copywriter.

I’m Julian Peterson, and I make persuasive landing pages just like the one you’re reading right now.

Landing pages require more than mediocre wordcraft. They require stories, empathy, the ability to pull on your customer’s emotions, and a core message to communicate.

Every landing page is different and requires a personal touch. And that personal touch begins with your customer’s relationship to your product.

Don’t settle for a mediocre landing page. Play to win and hire a specialist.

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No Worries And NO HASSLE

No babysitting required. I take ideas from start to finish with minimal guidance necessary.

Whether it be a simple marketing idea that needs fleshing out, or a legally sensitive statistic that requires tight communication…

…sleep easy at night knowing your product is in good hands.