3 Second Copywriter
Get attention to win at an unfair game

Your message cannot waste time

Getting through to your audience today means speaking to their deepest desires. The message must resonate with them on an emotional and practical level in the sales copy. And that means creating a tailored message for your audience.

That’s where I come in.

Meet Your New Voice

I’m Julian Peterson, a freelance copywriter and marketer.

An effective sales message must grab attention. If nobody reads your headline, then nobody reads your sales copy or watches your video.

Most marketing fails to grab attention.

Even fewer manage to KEEP the attention they get.

As a copywriter and marketer, I’ve used my passion for storytelling to grab AND keep attention. Whether it's content marketing, Instagram videos and ads, or a landing page, your product needs to standout and communicate value to your customers.

What stories do you want to communicate?

Everything You Need is Here
I take care of everything....

So You Can Relax And Do What You Do Best

You can rest easy knowing I’ll take something as simple as an idea and run it to the finish line.

Doesn't matter if it's a social media post or a landing page. I remain easy to work with.

No Hassle. No Babysitting.

Meanwhile you save time, money, and continue doing what you do best in your company.

All you have to do is contact me.

Stand OUt In

Crowded World

The modern audience decides whether or not to listen to you in
3 Seconds